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Show-4-24-2017Guest Renee Powers and Mario


Show-1-16-2017-Pam Wheeler

Show 1-9-2016-Guests David and Avery

Show-1-2-2016-Guest Mark Baird

Show 12-13-2016-Guest-Karin Huffir

show 12-4-2016-Guest-Sara Hempill

Show-11-26-2016-guest Michael Warnken and Joanne Spotted Bear

Show 11-21-2016

Show-11-2016-guest Ethan Allen and David Malleker

Show -10-18-2016-Guest Timothy

Show-10-10-2016-Michael Lapoint

Show-10-4-2016-Guest Annie Mayhem

Show-9-27-2016-talking about Foreclosures

Show-9-20-2016-All about Fraudclosures

Show 9-12-2016-Mark Baird


Show-8-29-2016-Marissa Hamilton-Child trafficking

Show-8-22-2016-with Ethan Allen

Show-8-14-2016-Show with Susan Salas about Sex Trafficking.

Show-8-4-2016-Guetss Diana Washington and Tyler Vega

Show-7-24-2016-Mike running for Washington State

Show-7-18-2016--guest-Rick with gun rights

Show 7-4-2016 -all the Hosts

Show-6-27-2016-Guests-Young Libertarians,Avery Hufford,Alex Hartwell and Stephanie

Show-6-20-2016-Mikaele Baker and Tyler Vega

Show-6-13-2016-Kyle Paskewitz Guest

Show -6-07-2016-Mark Lovejoy Guest

Show 5-30-2016 with Michele Darnell 

Show-5-16-2016-Guest Pat Briggs

Show-5-9-2016-Guests, Michael Warnken and Mark Baird

Show from -5-2-2016- Guest Darryl 

Show from 4-25-2016-Guest Paul Adiss

Show -4-18-2016-Guest Steven Roberts

 Show 4-4-2016 from agenda 31 

Show-3-28-2016-Guest Joshua Joesph from

Show-3-21-2016-Guest Mark Baird

Show-3-14-2016-Guest Timothy Jones

Show 3-7-2016-Guest Steven Nielson

Show -2-20-2016-guest Darrel Bowman 

Show from 2-8-2016 Guest Joseph from

Show-2-1-2016-Guest Tom and Andy

Show 1-15-2016-Guest Duncan Robertson

Show 1-18-2016- With Guest Mark Baird

Show  1-4-2016-with Guest farmer Mark Lovejoy

Show-12-28-2105-with Guest Tony Danks

Show-12-22-2015 with Allen Acosta

Show -12-7-2015-with Guest Michele Rider-Medical Kidnapping

Show-11-30-2015-Guest Michele Darnell

Show-11-24-2015-Guest John Wright

Show 11-16-2015-Guests Donald Yap and Ken Dost

Show-11-09-15- guest Michael Pickens

Show from 11-2-15 with Guest Michele Darnell

show 10-19-15- Michael Warnken Guest


Show -9-28-15-Marie McDonnell

 Show from 9-14-15-Common Core Discussed 

Show from 8-31-15-Michael Warnken

Show 8-24-15

Show from 8-17-15


7-20-15- asset forfeiture


With stephen Wray-7-6-15

 with Duncan 6-29-15

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